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Privacy Policy

We gladly welcome all our readers to our digital service, with a single tap we would like to help you with your problems. Here in our Privacy Policy Page, we would discuss with you how we collect, use and store our information exclusively. 

Before we disclose our privacy policy, we would still like you to read some important sections that we consider for our online service. 

The usage of “I, We, Us, Our” in any of our writing would solely be indicated as SolvingBee while “You, Yours, Yourself” would define our users and readers. 

What SOLVING BEE Aims At? 

Since we are in the digital business, we would make you sure that we have no other offline existence in the name of SolvingBee. SolvingBee is a very recent launch and it also looks forward to some more extensive digitalization and offering digital services to its audiences but we would make sure that everything would be digital. 

Everything that is or would be supplementary or complementary to SolvingBee will remain online in all forms. The owners of Solving Bee consider it to be a brand that will be acknowledged as one and only in it’s kind, in the near future. We do not copy and we do not allow anyone to copy from our work. 


Our presence could be accessed through smartphones, iOS, tabs, desktop, and laptop. We simply try to make people aware and self-dependent with the digital device at their reach. 

The owners of SolvingBee being Digital Marketers put in all their best effort to search, research, assure, re-assure, collect, collaborate and verify before giving you the best possible solution to every problem that one might face. Our idea is to create and help you create some of the most useful instructions for any how-to problems that you ever come across. 

How SOLVING BEE collect processes information?

SolvingBee cares for your privacy, we do not directly collect or ask for any of your personal details or any information related to you. However, being an online organization and having access to various online tools for work purposes, we get some of your details. These details are recorded to our database automatically through various apps such as your name, email id, phone number, and birth date.  

As of now, we not deliberately save any of your information but maybe in the near future, we might require your email id for signing up our special features when they are launched. We may retain your phone number and email id for future use but not for any external use. We will use it only for sending you notifications, we do not share your information with any other third party even if they are our partners.  

What SOLVING BEE does with the information collected from third parties? 

If in case you do not know, we would like to elaborate to you. The online business needs a lot of linking and guest posting which may require our contents to be published on other sites and other platforms. This publishing of our articles on other platforms might drive us some traffic which will bring your details to us. Again same as above, we do not use that information for anything nor do we share it. We do keep all your information safe and intact and do not circulate it. 

Do We Share Your Information? 

Absolutely “No”.

Under no circumstances we rent, sell or share your information with any third party. If we have your details then it is stored and saved solely with SOLVING BEE only. We will keep it with us only, maybe some of the details might get shared with the third parties for business purpose but we make sure that no one uses the information for anything unethical or illegal. 

How to contact SOLVING BEE? 

Email Id –

Changes Pertaining to SOLVING BEE

We as Solving Bee are free to make any changes in the Privacy Policy of the brand but we will make sure that nothing hampers your privacy. We will modify the Privacy Policy as and when required and also update the modified date. You can visit whenever you are stuck in something and you need a solution. 

last modified on 19-04-2020.