How to Pin a Tweet In 60 Second

Currently, Twitter is one of the most sensational platforms amongst all social media platforms. Twitter is mostly used by all intellectuals and well-known personalities of the country. Everyone on Twitter is free to express their ideas and views. But Tweeting often takes 30 minutes to get pinned on the home page. Here we will give you some very simple tricks about how to pin a tweet in just 60 seconds. This will save all your time and you could be at the top of the homepage.

While we give you the very simple pointers about how to pin a tweet in 60 seconds if you are not yet in tweeter you can quickly open an account. SolvingBee has always made it easy for you right from how to edit Instagram posts to how to tag someone on Facebook. Our readers have always found our solutions are easy to follow.

Here we have brought for you how to pin a tweet in 60 seconds following some really easy steps.

How to Pin a Tweet in Just 60 seconds

SolvingBee will give you some really easy steps for how to pin a tweet in just 60 seconds. All you need to do is follow the steps very keenly.

Here is The Quick Tips How to Pin 

  • Step #1: Open Twitter Application
  • Step #2: Sign in
  • Step #3: Visit your Profile
  • Step #4: Find the post
  • Step #5: Pin it
  • Step #6: Tap to view the post pinned

Step 1: Open Twitter Application

Open Twitter Application

Firstly if you are opening the application from mobile then click on the correct sign of the application.

TwitterA bluebird is the symbol of the twitter application. You just need to tap on the icon on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Sign in

Sign in

Sign in or Log in to your application filling up the minimum requirements like email or phone number and password.  If you have to sign in then there are some more details that have to be entered and updated.

Step 3: Visit your Profile

Visit your Profile

Once you Log in properly, your homepage on twitter will open, and then you will have to look for your profile. You will find a small icon on the top of the page says “me” and know well that is your own profile. You need to click on the profile option which says “me”.

Step 4: Find the post

Find the post

Then you will find all of your posts, if it is already visible then you can select it. If it is an old post then scroll down to find the post that you want to pin. You must know that pinning a post means that your post will come at the top irrespective of what all you post in the future.

Step 5: Pin it

pin it

Click on the More button which has a symbol like “v” at the right end of the post. As soon as you click on that option a drop-down list will appear. There will be few options in your drop-down list and the fourth option will be “pin to your profile page”. You need to click on that option if you want to pin your post.

Step 6: Tap to view the post pinned

view the post pinned

Once you click on the option “pin to your profile page” option, you will get a confirmation. To get back to your profile again click on the “me” button, this will take you back to your profile. You will find that just above your tweet it will be written: “Your Tweet was pinned to your profile”. This will confirm that you have followed the correct steps.

Wrapping Up! 

There you go! We have given you the most simple steps that you can follow to pin your tweet in 60 seconds. It is a very easy process if you follow it wisely, We hope that our readers have liked our process of how to pin a post in 60 seconds. If you liked our post then you can comment on our post in the section below.

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