How to clean your phone cases?

With no doubt, Mobile phones are the most crucial part of our life these days. Imagine your life without a mobile phone?

OK! STOP! It is really torturing to even think about the absence of mobile phones in our busy lives. Also when you are facing a GLOBAL PANDEMIC, then mobile phones are not just a source of communication but also an important gadget to work from home and earn bread.

So when a gadget is paying you a lot then it’s your absolute duty to take care of it and protect it from all kinds of harm. Mobile Cases do its best to protect your phones but sometimes while performing their duties, they get dull and drab and look gross.

Now you might be looking for ways to clean them if you don’t have extra money to buy a new one every week.

Here you will get to know the best methods to clean your phone case (no matter which type) and make it bloom like a new one.

How to clean phone case Methods:

How to Clean Plastic and Silicon Phone cases:

Silicon Phone cases

These are the most commonly used phone cases because you can use them without hiding the charm of your phone.

Method 1:

Things you need:

  • Tissue
  • Empty Bowl
  • Vinegar
  • Paint thinner oil
  • Detergent powder

Steps to clean:

  1. Take a bowl and put some tissue in it.
  2. Put detergent in the bowl and mix water in it.
  3. Add more tissues in it. The tissue will help to stick to the surface and provide you with better cleaning.
  4. Now add vinegar and stir it well.
  5. Put the phone case in it and leave it for 5 to 7 minutes.
  6. Then stir it well and cover it with a tissue and leave it for almost half an hour.
  7. Put the case out of it and let it dry.

Method 2:

Things you need:

  • Empty Bowl
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda

Steps of cleaning:

  1. Put your Phone cover in the bowl
  2. Put a layer of Baking Soda on it.
  3. Add one cup Vinegar on it carefully.
  4. Leave it for 2 hours.
  5. Wipe it after putting it out.

This method will help you get a transparent white cover just like a new one in less time than other methods.

How to Clean Leather Phone cases:

Leather Phone cases

Leather phone cases are considered best when it comes to the safety of your phone. Their cleaning method is quite simple, unlike transparent white covers.

You can simply use the soap water and towel to clean it. Otherwise, you can use the following method for deep cleaning.

Things we need:

  • Chamberlain’s leather milk 1 and 2
  • Small piece of Towel

Steps to clean:

      1. Put a few drops of Chandelier’s milk on a piece of towel.
      2. Start rubbing it on Phone case
      3. Do this process for five minutes
      4. Leave the case a few times and repeat the above process again

Now that shining leather cover is yours. Enjoy!

How to Clean Rubber Phone Cases:

Rubber Phone Cases

The most basic method of cleaning rubber cases is using a mixture of dish soap and water.
Following is the detail of cleaning method for Rubber Phone cases:

Method 1:

Things we need:

  • Dish soap and water
  • Empty Bowl
  • Toothbrush

Method of cleaning:

  • Make a mixture of dish soap and
  • Put the phone cover in it for 10 minutes.
  • Clean the corners efficiently with a toothbrush and soak it again.
  • Wipe it later with a piece of towel.

Method 2:

To get rid of some stubborn stains from your rubber phone case, you can use the following method as well.

Things we need:

  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • Toothbrush

Method to clean:

  • Make a paste of water and baking soda.
  • Put the paste on your phone cover and leave it for one hour
  • Let it dry a little and then rub it with a toothbrush to get a thorough cleaning.

Do give it a try to these cleaning methods of your Phone case to get beaming and radiant phone cover before spending money on buying a new one.

FUN FACT: You will have to clean the new one as well after some time. So, why not prefer cleaning your old one phone cover?

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