How to Cancel Audible Membership

Audible membership is of great importance as they let you enjoy the most snappy benefits that add excellence to your listening experience.

Benefits of audible membership vary by Membership plan and it depends on which plan you want to access and get the benefit of. They include monthly or annual subscription plans and include massive deals as well. But still after all the given benefits, you don’t find the subscription useful enough, you can cancel it whenever you want.

How to cancel audible membership?

Although, it is of great benefit to cancel the audible membership is not a fluent thing. You might face a few complications while canceling the audible membership.

For your ultimate ease, we will have a look at a detailed process on How to cancel audible membership?

Step1: Open


First of all, open your web browser, proceed into, and log in to your associated account if you have not already logged in by default. Your audible homepage will appear.

Step 2: Go to Your Account

go to your account

At the upper right corner of your screen, your username associated with the account will be shown. Click on it to open a drop-down menu. There will be an option naming Account details in the drop-down menu. You will arrive at Your Account screen.

Step 3: Click on Cancel Membership

Click on Cancel Membership

On the right side of your screen, directly under your membership section, there will be a blue link to cancel membership”. Click on this blue link. A screen will appear asking to let amazon know why you want to cancel your Audible membership.

Step 4: Choose an Option

choose an option

Select one the options showing up on the left side of your screen which best depicts why you want to cancel your Audible subscription. And then click on the continue cancel button in orange just beneath those options.

Step 5: Cancel It

cancel it

You will arrive on our screen that shows you a three-month reduced rate deal trying to persuade you not to cancel your Audible membership. If you don’t want to get the deal, click on the orange cancel membership button at the left bottom of your screen.

You will be returned to Your Account screen where a message will be shown up validating that your audible membership has been canceled.

That’s it! This is all you need to know. By following this detailed process step by step, you can successfully cancel your audible membership anytime whenever you think you don’t need it further. Don’t let yourself pay for the subscription when it becomes useless for you or you don’t find it functional anymore.

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